Emily Whitcomb

Emily Whitcomb, MPH

Senior Program Manager, Fatigue

Emily Whitcomb is senior program manager in the advocacy department, leading the fatigue initiative for the National Safety Council. Emily is responsible for developing strategy and executing programs that advance the goal of effectively managing fatigue as a contributor to preventable deaths. In her effort to provide tools for employers, she has created the NSC Fatigue Cost Calculator, which makes the business case for why organizations should address fatigue in the workplace. She also forges partnerships to expand resources, information and expertise for the program. Emily follows trends and resources in the fatigue and health field as the NSC expert on this issue.

Emily joined NSC in January 2014 as a research associate, conducting program evaluation for community, transportation and workplace injury prevention programs. She previously served as prevention specialist at the Institute for Public Strategies in San Diego. Before that, she was a research associate at Advance Health Solutions.

Emily has a master of public health from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She holds a double major from Northern Illinois University in both psychology and public health. Her research has been published in multiple peer review journals, including Accident Analysis and Prevention, the Journal of Safety Research and Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour.