Lisa Robinson, CFLE

Senior Program Manager, Employer Traffic Safety Programs

  • Lisa Robinson is senior program manager with the National Safety Council Employer Traffic Safety Programs. She has 25 years of experience in community programs and adult education. At NSC, she works on influencing change in behavior and policies to reduce motor vehicle crashes.

    Ms. Robinson works with employers to increase their knowledge of driver behavior, distracted driving, drowsy driving, impaired driving and other traffic safety concerns. She also helps employers implement policies to decrease their risk and exposure to liability.

    Ms. Robinson is a member of TxPRIMA, ASSE and the National Association of Women in Highway Safety, as well as its Texas representative. She speaks at many conferences, is passionate about transportation safety and works diligently to educate employers about the roadway as an extension of the workplace.

    Prior to joining NSC, Ms. Robinson worked on K-12 traffic safety programs at the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center. She holds a bachelor of science degree from Oklahoma State University and a Certified Family Life Educator designation from the National Council on Family Relations.