Basics Occupational Safety Health
Basics of Occupational Safety & Health

Basics of Occupational Safety & Health

Occupational safety and health is a concern for workers and employers alike. Workplaces have many different types of hazards, and thousands of people are injured, disabled, or killed on the job each year. The costs associated with injuries and illnesses, lost wage compensation, insurance premiums, hiring replacement workers, damaged equipment, and lost production are immense expenses for businesses and the economy in general.

Many U.S. companies have a staff of professionals with degrees and experience in occupational safety and health. However, for many other companies, the task of developing and implementing injury and illness programs falls to employees with experience and responsibilities in other areas such as the human resource manager, the security officer, or the quality control manager.

The Basics of Occupational Safety and Health provides professionals new to the field of OSH with an introduction to the development of programs that reduce injuries and address regulatory requirements. At the same time, this book describes how effective health and safety programs can improve the sustainability of the organization through continuous improvement. (Click on Downloads on the right to find supplemental materials.)

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Table of Contents

  1. Why are safety and health important?
  2. Building on what you have
  3. Anticipation and recognition of hazards
  4. Hazard evaluation and risk assessment
  5. Controlling the hazard
  6. Supervisory leadership in safety and health
  7. Involving employees in injury prevention
  8. Formalizing the safety and health process
  9. Training in safe work practices
  10. Safety and health inspections
  11. Incident investigation
  12. In the event of emergency . . .
  13. Working with OSHA
  14. Occupational health
  15. Continuous improvement and management systems


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