Learn How Impairment Detection Technologies Can Affect Workplace Safety

Workplace impairment issues are trending in the wrong direction. Workplace overdoses are on the rise, workplace substance use is at an all-time high, and a recent NSC survey showed feelings of depression and anxiety were strongly correlated with how safe respondents felt at work.

Employers have a responsibility to address workplace impairment, and impairment detection technologies (IDT) are an emerging tool that can be considered and adopted. These technologies have the potential to identify impairment from multiple causes and aid in fitness-for-work assessments, but little is known about their validity.

FREE Report from NSC. To help employers make informed decisions about these technologies, NSC has researched available IDTs and their applicability to workplace safety. The findings are now available in a new NSC report, Impairment Detection Technology & Workplace Safety. To access this free report and learn more about the potential for IDTs to address workplace impairment, complete the following information.

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