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NSC Employee Safety Perception Surveys have advanced the safety culture in thousands of organizations and industries worldwide, saving lives and protecting bottom lines.

Assess gaps in your safety program and predict future safety performance with the NSC Safety Barometer survey, using just 15 minutes of your employees’ time.

Measure meaningful elements of safety excellence to establish a baseline on: leadership engagement, supervisory support, employee participation, safety programs and activities as well as safety and organizational climate.

With NSC Survey Services you receive:

  • Dedicated support
  • Benchmarked results
  • NEW Dynamic dashboards
  • Action Planning Guidance

Why survey with NSC?

  • We offer a non-biased, third-party view that fosters honest employee feedback
  • We are experts in safety and health research and provide best-in-class data analysis
  • We have researched programs with member companies for best practices
  • We offer survey packages to fit your organization’s specific needs and budget

Results from a 2016 Yale study show that with each increase of one percentile point in the overall score on the NSC Safety Barometer there was an associated decrease of 13.61 work-related injuries and illnesses per 10,000 employees.

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