Use Software and Mobile Apps to Manage Risk

Workplaces have become increasingly digitized. The Work to Zero initiative at the National Safety Council reviewed how recent advances in Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) software and mobile applications can help organizations reduce the risk of serious injuries and fatalities.

A new report, Managing Risks with EHS Software and Mobile Applications, explores how companies can use technology to identify risk, record incidents, conduct safety audits and more. It covers the streamlined, augmented and fully automated workflows EHS software makes possible. The report spotlights:

  • EHS software and tools that can help reduce errors, increase data collection and streamline workflows
  • How quickly companies are adopting artificial intelligence or predictive analytics in their EHS functions
  • What an organization should consider when buying EHS software

EHS software has great potential to help reduce injuries and fatality risk, and manage incidents in the workplace. Access the report now so you can understand what’s available to you.

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