NSC, Our Driving Concern Present Traffic Safety Awards

Twelve Texas employers linked by a shared safety goal.

July 28, 2022

ITASCA, Ill. – Some Texas employers use in-vehicle monitoring systems as tools to collect vehicle data and report on driver behavior. Others have developed driving scorecards or conducted observational studies to better understand traffic patterns at their locations and implement safety solutions. The common denominator that links all 12 employers recognized as recipients of the 2022 Our Driving Concern Texas Employer Traffic Safety awards is an unwavering commitment to safety.

All 12 embrace driver and transportation safety and the ideal of keeping their employees and others safe on Texas roads. This year, four employers modeled exceptional behavior to earn “exemplary” distinction. They promoted traffic safety at work and also encouraged employees to carry home that message to safeguard family members.

The safety efforts of all 12 recipients are captured in this best-practice brochure for other Texas employers to emulate. The recipients have come to realize what happens at work affects every other aspect of life. They are not only safety leaders, but also community leaders.

“These employers are the epitome of achievement in the field of employee education and transportation safety training,” said DeAnn Crane, a program manager with the National Safety Council. “Clearly, they are determined to keep pushing toward the ultimate goal of zero – zero crashes, zero injuries and zero fatalities.”

Since 2014, Texas Employer Traffic Safety Awards have been presented annually by the National Safety Council in conjunction with the Texas Department of Transportation. This year’s recipient list reads like a Who’s Who of safety:

Exemplary Award Recipients

● Indeca Crude Xpress
● Northside Independent School District
● Pioneer Natural Resources
● Texas Mutual Insurance Company

Award Recipients

● City of Arlington
● City of Austin Public Works
● City of Irving
● City of Waco
● CPS Energy
● El Paso Municipal Court
● Klein Independent School District
● Renegade Wireless Services

The 12 recipients were honored during a presentation July 28 at the Texas A&M Traffic Safety Conference in College Station.

“Traffic safety is a way to show how much you care about people,” Crane said. “It is also a way for employers to keep a check on their bottom line. Fewer crashes means fewer injuries, fewer repairs and fewer liability claims. So, when you save lives, you save money. It’s a win-win proposition.”

About the Our Driving Concern Texas Employer Traffic Safety Program
The Our Driving Concern Texas Employer Traffic Safety Program is an initiative of the National Safety Council funded through a grant from the Texas Department of Transportation. This initiative supports employer involvement in statewide crash prevention. Our Driving Concern provides a variety of free resources, training opportunities and educational materials to help employers engage their employees in safe driving behaviors, both on and off the job. Have a question or a request for your organization? Email us at [email protected].

About the National Safety Council
The National Safety Council is America’s leading nonprofit safety advocate–and has been for more than 100 years. As a mission-based organization, we work to eliminate the leading causes of preventable death and injury, focusing our efforts on the workplace, roadway and impairment. We create a culture of safety to not only keep people safer at work, but also beyond the workplace so they can live their fullest lives.

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