Active Shooter Resources for Instructors

Resources for Instructors: Surviving an Active Shooter Event

Thank you for volunteering to teach Surviving an Active Shooter Event, an NSC Community Training program.

The spirit of this program is to strengthen community safety, bringing residents together to learn to be situationally aware and more confident in what to do in situations that can be life-threatening.

If you are not a member of law enforcement, we strongly recommend you alert your local police or sheriff's office in advance of your training and engage them however it makes sense. These are your local experts, who share your interest and safety education.

Attendance must be open to all community residents. If you are approached to bring this training into business settings or for private groups at their locations, this is not the appropriate training. Group training for Emergency Preparedness can be found at

Promote the Program

Use the following materials to encourage registration (25 to 75 participants is ideal):

The Presentations

These presentations, which include videos, come in two sizes. Select the appropriate version based on your screen size. Please be patient, as these large files may take a few minutes to download:

We will update you on your registration numbers during the six weeks you promote the program so you can manage your publicity efforts as needed.

Now you have everything you need to hold a successful training!