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Fall 2019

Instructors are Vital to Our Mission

A message from NSC President and CEO Lorraine M. Martin

Dear NSC Instructor,

Lorraine M. Martin, NSC President and CEO

As a leader, I have always looked for ways to make sure that every human being can succeed and achieve their dreams. My job as a leader is to serve the wellbeing of the team, and safety always has been at the core of what I do. In my view, leadership means showing up and supporting the people around you. It is this belief that fuels me to serve, and it is this goal that I always carry with me to make sure we create a better world for everyone around us.

As an NSC instructor, you show up as a safety leader every day, and your work has a significant impact. Your leadership and experience helps people make safe choices behind the wheel, at work and when emergency strikes. Put simply, your work helps us save lives.

NSC instructors train nearly 30,000 in workplace safety, half a million workplace first responders and more than a million drivers every year. As safety leaders, you serve a noble mission. Preventable deaths continue to rise, and it is only by changing behavior that we can expect to be able to change outcomes. Your crucial work helps people identify risk, reduce injuries and prevent fatalities. Your leadership ensures people can go home to their families at the end of the day having gained knowledge that will help keep their colleagues, friends and neighbors safe as well.

As we look for ways to strengthen our work, our impact and the value we bring to our members and customers, we are grateful to have you join us on this life-saving mission. Working together, I know we can find new ways to make sure our efforts have the highest impact, empowering people to make choices that will keep others safe and ensuring that people are able to live their fullest lives.

With appreciation,

Lorraine M. Martin
President and CEO
National Safety Council

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Defensive Driving News & Resources

Jaime Lucero is the James A. Solomon Award Winner for Instructor of the Year

Sgt. Jaime Lucero with his daughter, Khloey; son, Seth; and wife, Nancy

Join us in congratulating Denver police Sgt. Jaime Lucero for achieving both the Alive at 25® Instructor Award and the James A. Solomon Instructor of the Year Award for 2018.

Jaime has taught Alive at 25, the NSC defensive driving course for teens and young adults, since 2009, and volunteers as an instructor about once a month.

“Teaching this course gives me joy,” Jaime says. “It’s rewarding. This program is so worthwhile.

“The majority of students are obligated to be there,” Jaime explains. “They received a ticket and have been to court, with the judge mandating they take this class. At the start, 80% of them are not too happy to be there. I see the transformation by the middle to the end of the second session. They are starting to get into it. They want to learn. By the end of the final session they are thanking me and shaking my hand.”

Jaime’s engaging presentation style and real-life examples bring the message of this class to life for his students. He tells them the story of a fatal motorcycle crash and its aftermath.

“The victim’s mother came to the scene of the crash. She was late 30s, early 40s at the most. She still has half her life to live with the knowledge that she lost her child this way. I tell my students that their decisions affect the people around them. Life is about more than just them.”

In addition to volunteering as an Alive at 25 instructor, Jaime presents defensive driving programs at local high schools. He keeps students engaged with personal stories, videos, a crashed vehicle brought in on a trailer, speeches by crash survivors and information about how to sign up for Alive at 25.

“Defensive driving instructors are in the business of altering or changing behavior. What better time when the drivers are new? You can make the biggest impact when they are just starting out and haven’t developed all the bad habits yet. We are about prevention. Instead of responding to crashes, we can prevent them,” Jaime says.

Find out more about certification to become an Alive at 25 instructor.

Congratulations to All DDC Winners

Every year the National Safety Council recognizes Instructors of the Year for our defensive driving programs. DDC also recognizes the top chapters for their contributions for most new instructors trained, and top training centers for most drivers trained.

We are honored to work with each and every partner who makes our roadways safer.

Jaime Lucero: 2018 James A. Solomon Instructor of the Year

Leland Green: Defensive Driving Course 6-hour

Leigh Herald: Defensive Driving Course 4-hour

Franklin Brewer Sr.: Defensive Driving Course 8-hour

Gerrard Wilson: Defensive Driving Course 8-hour Left Side of the Road

Christin Harbison: Professional Truck Driver (PTD)

Eugene Neault: Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving (ADD)

Christopher Cole: Defensive Driving Course 4-hour

Jack Nogueira: Chronic Offender

Jaime Lucero: Alive at 25

Mike DeLima: State Courts Against Road Rage (SCARR)

2018 NSC Commitment to Driver Safety Excellence Awards

New York City Department of Transportation: Alive at 25 Program

Darryl Gaines, Master Trainer: NYC DOT Alive at 25 Program

Honorable Diann Marsalek, Cook County Circuit Court, Dist. 1, Traffic Section: NSC Programs

Gordon McInnis, Logistcare: NSC Programs

NSC would also like to congratulate our Chapters of the Year and Training Centers of the Year. View all DDC winners.

Defensive Driving Instructor Resources

New York and Virginia DDC 4 and DDC 8/6 Instructors, watch your email for DDC 10th Edition state program transition details coming soon.

First Aid News & Resources

First Aid and Mental Health: Recognizing Silent Illness

As first aiders, we are trained to know the signs of internal bleeding or symptoms of a stroke. But what about the illnesses we cannot easily see? First aiders are in a unique position to identify the signs and symptoms of common mental illnesses, de-escalate crisis situations safely and refer individuals struggling with mental health issues to an appropriate health care provider.

Why is mental health first aid so important? According to the National Council for Behavioral Health, more than one in five Americans experiences a mental illness or substance abuse disorder, and lack of awareness often prevents people experiencing mental health issues from seeking appropriate care. Additionally, 70% of Americans with depression are in the workplace, and 40% of employees with a mental illness take time off because of it, accounting for over 35 million lost workdays.

Recognizing the Signs

Common signs of mental health illness or emotional suffering include:

  • Personality change: Sudden or gradual changes in how someone typically behaves
  • Agitated: Seeming uncharacteristically angry, anxious, agitated or moody
  • Withdrawn: They withdraw or isolate themselves from other people
  • Poor self-care: They stop taking care of themselves and may engage in risky behavior
  • Hopelessness: They seem overcome with hopelessness and overwhelmed by their circumstances

What You Can Do

Take action! As a first aider, you would not ignore someone exhibiting signs of a heart attack or stroke. If you notice signs of mental illness, there are things you can do to help:

  • Assess for risk of suicide or harm. You should always seek emergency assistance if a person’s life is in immediate danger. If you or someone you know needs helps now, you should immediately call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at (800) 273-8255 or 911.
  • Be a compassionate listener. Listen patiently and without judgment, and resist the urge to feel you need to “fix” the person. Oftentimes, just listening to people experiencing a mental health issue can be a tremendous help to them.
  • Reassure the person. Like other illnesses, mental illness is treatable and people can recover. When talking to people, provide emotional support and do not blame them for their symptoms.
  • Encourage the person to get help. Suggest they get a regular checkup from their primary care provider or offer to help find a mental health professional. You may even consider going with them to the first visit.
  • Encourage them to help themselves. Encourage the person to reach out to family members, faith-based groups or peer-support groups.

Strengthening Cardiac Emergency Response Plans in Communities and Schools

Every year in the U.S., more than 356,000 people are victims of sudden cardiac arrest. A cardiac emergency response plan helps reduce deaths by cardiac arrest by ensuring an appropriate and immediate response during a cardiac emergency.

The Citizen CPR Foundation (CCPRF) Committee for Strengthening Cardiac Emergency Response Plans in Communities and Schools has created a five-minute survey designed to assess the status of cardiac emergency response plans in communities nationwide among organizations and groups that are engaged with young people. Survey results will be used to identify and address common barriers to implementing CERPs. Preliminary results will be presented at the 2019 Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit presented by the Citizen CPR Foundation.

The mission of the CCPRF and its partner organizations is to save lives from sudden cardiac arrest by stimulating effective community, professional and citizen action. You can support this mission by forwarding this survey to the schools, community groups, youth organizations and professional associations you work with and encouraging their active participation. Take the survey now.

First Aid Instructor Resources

Workplace News & Resources

Prepare for the ASP Exam – Online!

The National Safety Council is excited to partner with the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) to offer a global, state-of-the-art pre-exam training through the online asynchronous approach with examCORE by BCSP. The first online certification preparation training available will be for the Associate Safety Professional Certification. This certification provides a competitive advantage in the safety field and can help elevate a career.

ASP examCORE provides the background, knowledge and skills to successfully complete the ASP Certification Exam. It is comprised of more than 40 learning modules, 1,000 practice questions, an eBook subscription to “Safety Professional’s Reference and Study Guide” by Dr. W. David Yates, an authorized BCSP exam calculator and other resources.

When participants purchase through NSC, they will also receive:

  • A one-year, digital subscription to Safety+Health magazine, to help earn recertification points
  • Special pricing on NSC books found in the ASP Blueprint References (NSC member discounts available)

A pre-test will help determine if participants are ready to take the exam. Priced at $999 per course, it includes six months of access to the program.

Benefits of Certification

Certification demonstrates competency in one’s field and shows that professionals have met standards established by their peers. Certified professionals are more likely to be hired and receive more promotions and leadership assignments than those who do not hold certification.

Through Dec. 31, 2019, you can save $200 off the regular price of ASP examCORE. Everyone who enrolls in the course during this beta time period can become an examCORE Pioneer, providing user feedback and improving the learning experience for others. As a bonus, we will include a free thank you gift from BCSP.

For more information, visit

Workplace Instructor Resources

You Can Make a Difference

As the nation’s leading nonprofit safety advocate, the National Safety Council empowers individuals, employers and community leaders with the knowledge and tools to reduce risks, and prevent injuries and fatalities. Philanthropy plays a vital role in propelling our mission. NSC relies on charitable contributions to:

  • Research the leading causes of preventable fatalities

  • Provide education and training that increases awareness and minimizes risks

  • Implement
    advocacy programs that advance safety and prevention measures

Learn more about how you can be a part of the solution!