Lesson 9: Pull Over for Emergency Vehicles

Emergency vehicles using lights and sirens – whether it’s an ambulance, fire truck or police vehicle – always have the right of way, and may appear unexpectedly. This is why you must teach your teen to respect and make room for them anytime they show up, since the wrong decisions could put these emergency responders – and your teen – at risk.

Safely Pull Over

The most important thing for your teen to do in these situations is to pull over and let these vehicles pass, but he or she must do this safely. Your teen should never stop in an intersection, or try to keep going by turning down another road. You cannot anticipate where these vehicles are headed, so encourage your teen to just pull safely to the side of the road and wait for them to pass.

Focus on Driving

Your teen should also know to never follow these vehicles, or gawk as they pass. The sirens mean that they need to get somewhere fast, so your teen should focus on getting out of the way and keeping the road safe. In fact, this attention may help your teen spot emergency vehicles early, so be sure he or she avoids distractions on every drive.

Practice: In addition to pulling over for approaching emergency vehicles, help your teen steer clear of them when they’ve stopped on the side of the road. In these situations, your teen should slow down and move over to give them space. Emergency responders face enormous risks when working on the road, so make sure your teen works to keep them safe.


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