What's Your Personal Safety Story?

We can all think of a time when we or a loved one suffered an injury, had a near-miss…or worse. These moments change us forever.

Lorraine M. Martin
November 18, 2021

Among its many impacts, the COVID-19 pandemic has put safety in the spotlight. It’s underscored what the National Safety Council has always known: Safety is real. Safety affects everyone's life. Safety is personal. 

My Story

As we head into this “season of gratitude,” I’ve been reflecting on the many ways safety has become personal to me since the pandemic began.

Click here to watch the story that will have me and my family feeling extra grateful this Thanksgiving. 

We can all think of a time when we or a loved one suffered an injury, had a near-miss…or worse. These moments change us forever.

Amplifying Others’ Safety Stories  

I’ve come to recognize that everyone has a “safety story.” 

It’s inspired me to dig in a bit deeper and draw out the moments that inspire dedicated safety leaders everywhere. In a new video series, I’ll be asking leading safety professionals what got them into safety…and what keeps them there. 

Safety professionals often have more than a career; they have a calling. It’s a sense of purpose that drives them to get out of bed each day, especially as the pandemic introduces safety hazards most of us never imagined.  

I’m delighted that the first person to share their story with us will be Nicole Piggott. In addition to being a recent addition to the NSC Board, Nicole is the chief operating officer of Women in Governance in Québec, Canada, where she supports women in their leadership development, career advancement and access to Board seats. She is a seasoned HR executive who has led teams at Bombardier, RioTinto, Iron Ore Company of Canada, FedEx Canada and Royal Bank of Canada. 

Nicole is a dynamic safety leader with extensive experience in mining safety. It's sure to be a great conversation.

Making a Personal Investment in Safety

We all know the statistics — but it’s in these personal stories where the NSC mission truly comes to life.  Because we know fathers, mothers, grandparents, friends and colleagues’ lives are at stake. 

And that’s why NSC needs your support. As we near Giving Tuesday, I hope you will keep NSC in mind as a nonprofit organization worthy of your generosity

Your donations will empower NSC to remain the nation’s safety champion, serving as a beacon throughout the pandemic and, indeed, the past century, to help keep workers safe — on and off the clock.  

Consider it a personal investment in safety for those you love. Thank you in advance for your generosity. 

Lorraine M. Martin

Lorraine M. Martin is president and CEO of the National Safety Council.

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