Driver Safety Training: Professional Truck and Van Driver

Whether you need to train a fleet of drivers, a small group at a remote area or construction site, or provide a refresher course, NSC Professional Truck and Van Driver Courses fit any training budget, schedule or learning style. Select from classroom or online. Help your drivers operate with the greatest skill and efficiency to protect your business from financial liabilities and costs associated with collisions.

Professional Truck Driver Classroom: an NSC Authorized Instructor Course

An instructor-led classroom course specifically created to address the unique challenges of truck drivers. This course can be taught in three or four hours and provides truck drivers defensive driving strategies and techniques that will help them avoid collisions and traffic violations. NSC Instructor Authorization is required to teach this defensive driving course. Learn more.

Professional Truck Driver Online

4-hour online course addresses the most common causes of truck-related crashes and provides practical knowledge and techniques to avoid collisions and traffic violations. Ideal for truck drivers that are unable attend classroom training.

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Coaching the Van Driver 4 Classroom

4-hour instructor-led classroom course details the difference between driving a van and driving a car. It offers practical ways van drivers can adjust their driving style to this unique type of vehicle. Buy now.

Coaching the Van Driver Online

Interactive online course trains drivers to compensate for differences when driving commercial vans versus passenger cars. The comprehensive topic list includes pre-trip inspection, safety belts, van characteristics, scanning, backing, cushion of safety and blind spots, as well as city, highway and rural driving. A great option for organizations with multiple locations and employees on the road. Offers our same acclaimed classroom content while allowing individuals to take the course when it is convenient for them. Buy now.

Avoiding Collisions with Fixed Objects – Online Module

20-minute online training session for public utility and service industry vehicles. Identifies why these drivers collide with fixed objects, and offers safety practices and driving techniques that can eliminate these preventable collisions.

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