NSC Professional Truck and Van Driver Courses fit any training budget or schedule

Whether you need to train a fleet of drivers, a small group at a remote area or construction site, or provide a refresher course, we can help. Select from classroom or online.
Ensure your drivers operate with the greatest skill and efficiency to protect your business from financial liabilities and costs associated with collisions.

Course Benefits

The award-winning NSC Professional Truck Driver Online Course addresses the most common causes of truck-related crashes and provides the knowledge and defensive driving techniques to educate drivers to make safe and lawful decisions. This 4-hour program delivers the most relevant information involving truck-related incidents and driving maneuvers with a high level of learner interactivity.

Content adjusts to the driver's profile, type of vehicle driven, risk-level and driving conditions, providing personalized, scenario-based training that lets them reflect on their own driving experiences and challenges. This enhanced level of interactivity and hazard recognition challenges is effective at various stages of the training process —from new hire to post-incident and refresher. Features include narration with closed captioning for the hearing impaired, a convenient bookmark option concluding with a printable certificate of completion after successfully completing the course.

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Our way of life is made possible by the work of truck drivers. Safe drivers mean fewer incidents on the road. Learn about NSC professional truck driver training.

Professional Truck Driver Online

Professional Truck Driver Classroom: an NSC Authorized Instructor Course

Coaching the Van Driver 4 Classroom

Coaching the Van Driver Online

Avoiding Collisions with Fixed Objects – Online Module


Receive a Traffic Citation?
We can help! Find your state approved program, or contact your local court. Federal government agencies should contact Government Sales at (703) 244-5996 to obtain appropriate GSA contract benefits. 

Need an Insurance Discount?
Are you age 55 or older? Are you interested in getting a car insurance discount? Are you looking to learn skills to make you a safer driver? National Safety Council has a new Online Mature Driver Course that will refresh driving skills to help keep you safer and make you a more defensive driver.

Protect Your Employees with Driver Safety Training

NSC offers classroom, online and self-study training options for all drivers, from professional truck drivers to reps working out of their own vehicles.

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