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Cook County Traffic Safety School: How Tickets are Processed

When you receive a ticket in Cook County, complete the Traffic Safety School registration form included with your packet and send it and the appropriate fees to the Court. When the Court has received your ticket payment, it will post your fees.

Once your fees are posted by the Court, the completed registration form attached to your ticket is sent to Traffic Safety School for enrollment in a course.

Traffic Safety School then sends your class confirmation document to you at the address provided on the registration form. If you chose email as the preferred method, the class confirmation will be emailed. If you chose mail, the class confirmation will arrive via USPS mail.

This process generally takes four weeks after your court payment is posted.

If you have requested Traffic Safety School and have not received your course confirmation after four weeks, please call (888) 245-8450 or email [email protected] to check your status.

It is your responsibility to notify Traffic Safety School if you change your mailing address. Traffic Safety School is not responsible for late, lost or undeliverable email or mail.

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