Work Zone Instructor Resources

Welcome to the Work Zone Instructor Information Highway

All Authorized Work Zone Instructors have access to the Work Zone Instructor Info Highway, an exclusive online tool providing 24/7 access to resources that keep you at your best. There are frequent updates to the Information Highway, so make certain you have access to most relevant information available. 

The Work Zone Instructor Information Highway offers:

  • Product updates: Courses, statistics and more to keep you informed
  • Upcoming events
  • Newsletters: Current editions and archives available at your fingertips
  • Videos, webinars and other training material
  • Administrative resources: Let the Info Highway be your support staff
  • State-specific information: Updates on programs, rules and regulations
  • Marketing materials: Support materials to get new business directly to you
  • Newest DDC Catalog
  • An ever-growing list of frequently asked questions

Not currently an authorized Work Zone Instructor? Take a look at our current catalog to view our course selections or contact NSC at (800) 621-7619.

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