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Workplace fatalities are unacceptable. According to Injury Facts, preventable workplace deaths totaled 4,695 in 2022, and an additional 791 workplace homicide and suicide deaths occurred. Also, work-related medically consulted injuries totaled 4.3 million in 2022.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Employers must provide a safe work environment, as well as the financial support, management oversight, PPE, tools and training workers need to do their jobs safely. Both management and workers need to do their part to make safety a core value.

Together, these elements are part of a greater safety management system that aims to continuously identify hazards and reduce risks to an acceptable level. Take the pledge below to show your commitment to safety, from the workplace to anyplace.

 I pledge to:

  • Actively help my employer improve our safety programs 
  • Report hazards promptly and suggest solutions
  • Be a good safety role model for my friends and family, even off the job 

 We all deserve a safe workplace so we can live our fullest lives. 

Safe at Work

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