Active Learning Strategies for Safety+Health Educators or Trainers

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Active Learning Strategies for Safety+Health Educators or Trainers
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Active learning is a way to infuse predictable training and coursework with attention-grabbing methods. Active Learning Strategies explores the four primary active learning types — learning by doing, through discovery, by collaboration, or from others — with techniques such as hands-on activities, guided discussions, and peer-to-peer engagement. This text, written by and for safety and health educators, provides exercises that can be applied in both academic and industrial settings.

Educators will be able to apply these strategies to construct reality in both the traditional and online classroom. Occupational trainers will be able to use specific examples from this book to turn mundane regulatory training into anticipated learning events.

Decades of experience teaching and working in the safety and health field allowed Dr. Wanda Minnick and her colleagues at Indiana University of Pennsylvania to craft a comprehensive compilation of engaging exercises. Each activity in this book is customizable, and the authors hope that educators and trainers will be inspired to adapt these strategies or develop even more active learning opportunities that help to multiply the safety knowledge gained.