DDC Coaching the Van Driver 4 Instructor Kit USB

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DDC Coaching the Van Driver 4 Instructor Kit USB
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About this product

This USB kit can be presented as a classroom course in one session or multiple short sessions. During the 4-hour course, students will learn the differences between driving a car and a van, as well as between a minivan, a commercial van and a 15-passenger van. They will learn how to recognize potential hazards, conduct inspections and drive safely in different environments and conditions. Participants will be able to effectively perform safety techniques, including checking for blind spots, backing up safely, following and stopping at proper distances, recognizing distracted driving, writing collision reports and more. 

There is also an optional segment and group learning activity for transporting cargo and passengers.

The Defensive Driving Coaching the Van Driver 4 Instructor Kit includes:

•    Fully-scripted instructor manual – The manual contains discussion starts, group learning activities, a registration form and situation analyses, so students can feel fully prepared. 

•    Observation checklist – This helps participants know they’re ready to drive

•    Written test – Individuals will know their hard work was worth it once they pass the test and can feel confident in their abilities

•    Video presentation – The DVD enhances the course experience

Coaching the Van Driver 4 Driver Response Book is required for each class participant. The instructor kit does not include Driver Response Books (Product #344400024).

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