DDC Fleet Essentials - Individual Module: Safe Vehicle Operations Passenger Vehicles

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Research shows drivers are more likely to be involved in crashes when operating unfamiliar vehicles. This includes operating fleet vehicles, even when the fleet vehicles are similar to a driver’s personal vehicle. Slight variations in vehicle technology, size, height, length, weight, make and model can result in differences in performance dynamics. Without an understanding of these differences and of the six deadly decisions, fleet drivers may be at an increased risk of a crash.   

Experienced fleet drivers are aware that their decisions can prevent incidents. By comprehending the workings of their passenger vehicle, they can make decisions to evade collisions. This training aims to refresh knowledge of passenger vehicle dynamics, minimizing the chances of incidents resulting from driver errors, vehicle upkeep and environmental factors.

After finishing this course, employees will better understand how driver decisions impact crash rates and how to identify the factors that contribute to incidents. Additionally, learners will learn how to conduct pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections and gain strategies to avoid environmental-related incidents.

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