First Aid Kit Metal Cabinet B - 4-Shelf

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About this product

Have A Large First Aid Supply On Hand

Be ready for all sorts of emergencies with the NSC 4-Shelf First Aid Class B Cabinet. It is stocked with a large variety of quality first aid products catering to all common injuries for medium to large workplaces. The cabinet comes with clearly labeled packs for injuries to minimize treatment time and is filled with the highest quality first aid items.

Size: 15.5”L x 5.5”W x 22.5”H

Weight: 13.25 lbs

Items Per Kit: 857

Regulatory Compliance: Meets & exceeds ANSI Z308.1-2015 OSHA 1910.151(b). FDA Registered.

Class: B

Case Material: Metal

Kit Contents     

Item    QTY

AeroAid™ Antiseptic Spray    1

AeroBand™ Triangular Bandage    2

AeroBurn™ Burn Dressing    2

AeroBurn™ Burn Gel Packet    10

AeroBurn™ Burn Spray    1

AeroCleanse™ Hand Sanitizer Packet    25

AeroForm™ Conforming Gauze Bandage    2

AeroForm™ Conforming Gauze Bandage    1

AeroForm™ Conforming H/Weight Bandage 4" x 4.3-yds    1

AeroGlove™ Nitrile Glove Powder Free    8

AeroGuide™ First Aid Guide    1

AeroHazard™ Biohazard Bag 24" x 24"    1

AeroInstrument™ Tweezers 3.5"    1

AeroInstrument™ Wire Scissors Blunt    1

AeroPad™ Eye Pads    2

AeroPad™ Gauze Pads    10

AeroPad™ Gauze Pads    10

AeroPad™ Low Adherent Dressing 2" x 3"    10

AeroPlast™ Butterfly Closures    10

AeroPlast™ Fabric Fingertip Bandages    40

AeroPlast™ Fabric Fingertip Bandages    40

AeroPlast™ Fabric Large Patch Bandages    25

AeroPlast™ Fabric X-Wide Strip Bandages    50

AeroPlast™ Instant Ice Pack    2

AeroPlast™ Plastic Strip Bandages    100

AeroPlast™ Transparent Plastic Tape 1" x 5.5-yds    2

AeroProbe™ Splinter Probes 1.4""    10