DDC Fleet Essentials - Package Option C - All Core Courses and One Vehicle-Specific (Medium Duty Tru

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Fleet Essentials offers an online driver safety training program consisting of four courses. The three Fleet Essentials core courses are Driving Professionally, Distracted Fleet Driver, and Vehicle Dynamics. Medium-duty trucks which include all variations of pickup trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating of 10,001 and 26,000 pounds.


Review the key characteristics of professional fleet drivers, and cover strategies employees can use to represent your company well while operating a fleet vehicle.

Explain the effects of distracted driving on driving performance, the unique sources of driver distractions for the fleet driver and how to eliminate distractions in the fleet vehicle.

Cover the importance of vehicle familiarization and physical forces such as inertia, gravity and velocity and how they impact vehicle handling.

Learners will understand that although some of these trucks may look like regular pickup trucks, they come in various customized configurations to meet the specific requirements of the job. They all are much heavier, longer, and taller than passenger vehicles. The differences in height, length, size, design, configuration, and dynamics also affects how you drive and what you will do to prevent crashes and collisions. This means driving them requires special skills and training.

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