DDC Fleet Essentials - Individual Module: Safe Vehicle Operations Delivery Vehicles

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DDC Fleet Essentials - Individual Module: Safe Vehicle Operations  Delivery Vehicles
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Not all fleet drivers are well-trained. About 15.5 million non-CDL drivers who are required to drive for work (but may not consider themselves fleet or professional drivers) may lack formal training. Any employee who drives for work should be considered a fleet driver. Delivery truck drivers and sales employees have the highest rate of injuries and fatalities of all occupations.

To address this alarming training gap, NSC developed Fleet Essentials, a new series of short online courses you can use as a package or individually to educate drivers and ensure they make it home safely to loved ones each day.

NSC Fleet Essentials is the only fleet driver training program with vehicle-specific course content. This vehicle specific training focuses on cargo vans defined as single-unit vehicles that typically come equipped with two front seats. Even though cargo vans are classified as vehicles that weigh less than 10,000 pounds, they are quite different from the passenger vehicles people drive off the job. Cargo vans are often longer, heavier, and taller, and have unique controls and dashboard designs, affecting how you drive and what measures are needed to avoid incidents and crashes. Drivers of cargo vans must understand these differences and adapt their driving behaviors to this vehicle type.

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