Forklift/Lift Truck Facilitator Kit

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Forklift/Lift Truck Facilitator Kit
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About this product

The NSC Forklift/Lift Truck Operator Training Program is fully OSHA compliant and covers all lift truck classifications. This program is low-cost and will help create a safer workplace. 

The kit is flexible, with seven modules that can be finished in a few days, or you can teach modules in any order over time. Topics include OSHA regulations, worksite inspections, picking up and delivering a load, preventive maintenance, pre-shift safety inspection and applying lift truck operator safety skills. 

Course materials include:

•    Facilitator guide with introduction and preparation that is easy to follow; course leaders will be able to engage and involve participants through all modules

•    Seven instructional modules

•    High-definition videos of real-life working conditions and operator frontline perspectives

•    Detailed animations that further illustrate course topics

•    Module exams

•    Final exam

The participant kit is not included. See Product #199430000.