Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene 7th Edition

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Inform an assortment of clients, including safety professionals and industrial hygiene students, with the Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene, 7th Edition. Since 1971, experts from a wide variety of subject areas have come together to help make this book an important resource for those interested in and directly responsible for the recognition, evaluation and control of occupational hazards. The seventh edition builds on four decades of work from previous contributors and is a respected resource and a leading instructional text. 

This update gives industrial hygienists, safety professionals and medical professionals a broad discussion of workplace hazards, control procedures, government regulations and environmental issues. It features extensively updated information in all chapters, including The Occupational and Environmental Health Clinician Team; The Industrial Hygiene Program; Integration of Environmental, Industrial Hygiene and Safety Programs; and International Developments in Occupational Safety and Health. 

In addition, it provides management content for environmental professionals who have occupational safety and health responsibilities. The Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene continues to be a valuable source of information that can be incorporated into the goals and objectives of any organization’s occupational hazard control program.

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ISBN: 978-0-87912-356-7

Authors: Jill Niland; Lucy A. Elam