LIFEPAK CR2 Trainer AED - English

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About this product

Learn how to use an AED with the Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR2 AED Trainer. The realistic trainer has the same, simple user inference as the real LIFEPAK CR2 but does not deliver a shock, allowing participants to feel more comfortable using an AED.

Preset demos can be programmed for fully automatic or semi-automatic mode to enable demonstrations of the LIFEPAK CR2 features and the benefits of cprINSIGHT™ analysis technology. The trainer uses ClearVoice™ technology to enable voice prompts, so participants will hear clear instructions in noisy environments. This helps trainees maintain focus while stressed. 

The LIFEPAK CR2 Trainer AED includes:

•    CR2 Trainer

•    1 pair of adult/child training electrodes

•    Instruction manual

•    Product description

These trainers do not replace a real AED. If you are looking for the Lifepak CR2 that will actually deliver a shock to the heart in an emergency, check out the Lifepak CR2 Fully Automatic (734150000) or the Lifepak CR2 Semi Automatic (734140000).