New Instructor Bundle - Adult and Infant Prestan Plus

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There are enough tools in this kit to teach two classes with a 1-1 participant-to-manikin ratio. Adult CPRWraps™ that can be added to first aid kits, car safety kits or gym bags are a great takeaway item for students.

This new instructor bundle, adult and infant, includes:

•  3 4-packs of the adult Prestan manikins – Shoulder lights are attached to help affirm good CPR execution.

•  3 4-packs of the infant Prestan manikins – Lights are included in the diaper for biofeedback to demonstrate when high-quality CPR is performed. 

•  12 AED Practi-Trainers – Be prepared to use an AED after practicing with this realistic trainer.

•  3 EpiPen Trainers – This trainer allows students to practice using an EpiPen in case of allergic emergencies. 

•  24 First Aid training packets – Complete skills testing in first aid by using the supplies in this packet.

•  24 CPR training packets – Complete the skills testing needed to perform CPR with this packet. 

•  24 first aid, CPR, and AED participant workbooks – Understand the necessary steps to First Aid, CPR and AEDs and digital certification codes

•  24 CPRWrap™ - Adult – The wrap provides visual prompts to aid CPR performance.

If you already have manikins or trainer AEDs, then check out the instructor refill kits.