OBI CPR Manikin

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About this product

Be one of the first to try out the new OBI CPR Manikin from the makers of the Brayden CPR Manikin, available for preorder now. This new manikin allows students to see blood flowing to the brain and other organs. Using LED lights under the skin, students training in CPR can see compression depth, speed and recoil. The red lights respond to the quality of the technique. 

The manikins also now come in darker skin tones and with a sophisticated ventilation system. This way, students are prepared to give CPR hygienically with allergy-free materials and disposable lungs. The realistic neck, nose and chest movements make the learning process feel more real, so students will be confident in emergency situations. 

The OBI CPR Manikin also includes:

•    1 spare face part – This is good for any wear and tear from practicing with the manikin

•    1 lung bag – Know what it’s like to feel the collapse of a long with each breath

•    10 face shields – These shields protect both parties from passing bodily fluids

•    Carry bag – The carry bag doubles as a kneeling pad

•    6 “C” batteries – These batteries help the manikin feel alive