Prestan Infant CPR/AED Train Manikins Medium Skin Tone - 4 Pack

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About this product

Apply the CPR and AED training you’ve learned with these infant manikins. Students are able to gauge the proper rate of compressions on an infant. The monitor included with the pack of four allows multiple students to participate at once. This more realistic training provides students the confidence to rapidly take action. 

The Prestan Infant CPR/AED Train Manikins include:

●    Realistic feel – Helps create awareness of the reality of these situations

●    Anatomical landmarks – Trainees gain a high degree of accuracy and precision

●    Compression clickers – Notifies participants when they reach the correct compression depth

●    Head tilt/chin lift – Allows students to correctly measure how much they can move the infant without putting them in harm’s way 

●    Chest rise – Simulates how much the infant’s chest would move with each breath 

●    Disposable airways – For performing mouth-to-mouth better and more safely 

●    AA Batteries – Help bring the manikins to life