The NSC Labor Division

The Labor Division is comprised of union-based safety professionals and government regulators who share interest in safety, health and environmental concerns within the industry. The Labor Division has 13 sections/committees:

  • Community Service/Public Safety
  • Construction
  • Ergonomics
  • Government
  • Industrial
  • Labor Agencies and Standards
  • Maritime
  • Occupational Driver
  • Occupational and Environmental Health
  • Promotion of Training and Education
  • Transportation
  • Troubled Worker Safety and Health
  • Utilities

NSC Labor Division Meetings

The NSC Labor Division meetings have moved to virtual events during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Division will hold it's fall meetings Oct. 5-15, 2020. Get the agenda.

Meet the Labor Division Leadership Team

Ken Morris
Safety Representative
IBEW Local 0005
Pittsburgh, PA
Labor Division Chair


Paul Chaney
Safety Director
IBEW Local 82
Labor Division Vice Chair


Travis M. Parsons
Associate Director of Occupational Safety and Health
Laborers Health & Safety Fund of North America
Labor Division Vice President


Les Johnson
Safety Committee Chair
IBEW Local 733
Immediate Past Chair

Edward Egan Soldier of Safety Award

Awarded to a Division member who embodies the ideals and guidance that Edward Eagan practiced every day in the promotion of safety and health for the American worker. Edward Eagan was part of IBEW Local 103 and served as a highly regarded labor liaison with OSHA. Eagan passed away in 1997.

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National Labor Assistance Professionals

Mission Statement
We are committed to ensuring the availability of quality and effective chemical dependency and mental health treatment services for workers and their families by promoting the value and efficacy of such services to those within the workplace.

We are dedicated to enhancing the competency and availability of Labor Assistance Professionals and Programs through networking opportunities, continuing education, and professional certification.

We are dedicated to increasing the recognition of the key role Labor Assistance Programs have in advancing workplace wellness and safety by serving as the voice of EAP with a specialized sensitivity to organized labor within the Behavioral Health Care industry.

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Division members network with other safety professionals, attend industry-specific events and participate in safety-based discussions that impact work, home and community. Join now.