The NSC Women's Initiative

NSC is working to increase female participation in the safety industry. The NSC Women’s Initiative provides events, recognition and scholarship opportunities to support women in safety, help people live their fullest lives and educate all safety professionals on issues that affect the female workforce disproportionately.

Women in Safety Scholarship

To increase the number of women entering the safety field, the Women in Safety Scholarship provides access to educational funding for women pursuing a safety career. Scholarships are given to women studying safety in a post-secondary program, and are open to non-traditional and part-time students. The scholarship is $5,000 a year for four years as long as recipients maintain eligibility. In addition to the monetary award supporting their educational expenses, Women in Safety Scholarship recipients are invited to attend NSC Congress & Expo at no cost. 

Learn more about this and other scholarships at nsc.org/scholarships..

NSC Marion Martin Award

This award is the result of the Council’s desire to recognize women who have not only excelled in their safety role but have also helped break down barriers for other women in safety. Launched in 2016, Marion Martin Award winners have included Alexi Carli, Linda F. Martin, Rose McMurray, Megan Proctor, Annette Sandberg, Catriona Schmolke, Winnie Dee Schubert and Dr. Megan Tranter.

Learn more about the Marion Martin award, as well as other Council awards.

NSC Women's Division

The Women’s Division is one of eight industry- and interest-specific groups available to NSC members. The Women's Division focuses on connecting women with careers in safety to one another while bringing awareness to all safety professionals of issues affecting women disproportionately in the workplace. All are welcome to be a part of the Division, regardless of gender identity or industry. The goals of the Division are to:

  • Create a more inclusive safety profession
  • Learn about safety issues that disproportionately affect women
  • Hear from female leaders in safety
  • Enjoy the support and camaraderie of like-minded safety professionals
  • Network with top female safety professionals

Join the Women's Division and receive monthly emails about upcoming webinars, roundtables, committee meetings and other opportunities to get involved. All current NSC members are invited to join the Divisions as a member benefit. Already a member of the Women's Division and want to be more engaged? Contact Sarah Van Huis for more information or to add your voice and experience. If you would like help identifying the best opportunity for you, make an appointment to discuss your options.

You can follow the Women's Division on LinkedIn.

Special Thanks

The Council would like to thank UPS for its continued support of the Women's Initiative at NSC.

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