Free Safety Posters

Gentle reminders posted on the wall are a great way to engage employees in a safety mindset.

An employee gets a cut at work. Would you know what to do? What if someone slipped and fell while on the job? Data shows that in 2018, 4.6 million workers were injured badly enough at work to seek medical attention. Many of these injuries can be prevented simply by following a few safety tips.

The following free safety posters are available to help remind your co-workers about the safest ways to avoid injury at work:

  • CPR Saves Lives
  • Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls, Spanish version

Unlimited Downloadable Safety Posters

Want more? Unlimited downloadable safety posters (English and Spanish) are available to our members.

NSC can help you with practical solutions to your everyday safety challenges. Use these safety posters in conjunction with NSC downloadable 5-Minute Safety Talks, webinars, safety articles and quizzes to instantly educate and engage your employees on the importance of safe behavior.

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