Get Feedback on Your Safety Culture

What would your employees say about your safety culture?

NSC Survey Solutions provide reliable, measurable feedback from employees at all levels of your organization. Although the time frame and scope of every survey project is different, the steps below will give you an idea of what to expect. To get started, or for more information, contact us.

Step 1: Project Planning (1 Week)

● Contact our team to discuss needs, logistics and project scope
● Review and approve survey form (available in print and online)

Step 2: Survey Form Delivery (2 Weeks)

We print and ship forms and privacy envelopes, and/or provide you with the link to the online survey.

Step 3: Data Collection (4 Weeks)

Conduct your survey administration using our guidelines along with ready-made communication templates. Return completed forms to NSC.

Step 4: Analysis and Reporting (4-6 Weeks)

We enter, verify and clean your data before statistical analysis. Results are benchmarked using our proprietary database.

Results reporting is tailored to your needs and organizational structure, giving you valuable insights that are comprehensive and easy to use.

Step 5: Results and Action Planning (Ongoing)

You receive results and communication guidelines for sharing results with your organization. Results provide specific, actionable measures to move forward.

● Webinar results presentation (optional)
● On-site presentation (optional)
● On-site action-planning (optional)

Step 6: Execution and Monitoring (Ongoing)

Your results provide a baseline to begin measuring continuous improvement. Execute your action plan and consider monitoring through re-surveying.

Engage Workers, Measure Safety Culture

Surveying with NSC allows you to:

  • Capture the overall health of your safety program
  • Increase employee engagement and morale
  • Signal areas in need of corrective action
  • Provide management with sensitive and valid leading indicator safety metrics
  • Effectively incorporate safety into the improvement process
  • Motivate your organization to find gaps, action plan and make changes

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