Cannabis Regulations

As cannabis legalization spreads across the U.S., safety must remain a priority. NSC is offering this new web tool, the first resource of its kind, to provide an interactive, user-friendly look at high-level cannabis legalization, regulation and testing requirements by state. 

The tool shows a state-by-state breakdown of the U.S. and the current status of cannabis legalization, regulations and other factors in each state. You can adjust the first dropdown menu for a nationwide view of these different factors, or click on a specific state for local details. Once you’ve clicked on a state, you can return to the nationwide view by clicking the same state again. You can also hover over individual states for a brief summary of legalization and regulation status.

The bar chart at the bottom of the tool shows the number of states which test for a variety of cannabinoids, heavy metals and other materials, and can be adjusted through the second dropdown menu to show the results for individual states. You can also use this second dropdown menu for a comprehensive view of your selected data, or adjust the third dropdown menu in the bottom-right corner to filter by specific materials.

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