Get a Decent Snowbrush

The right tool can keep your teen safe on winter roads.

February 04, 2021

It’s a dreaded time of year for many drivers, when your car gets coated in ice and snow overnight and you have to start your day by scraping it clean.

Absolutely no one enjoys this near-daily chore in the winter (we’re sure your teen driver will learn to loathe it eventually), but there is a way to make it easier: get a decent snowbrush.

Don’t make your job harder

Part of preparing for winter roads means gathering the right supplies for your vehicle and a snowbrush/ice scraper is a crucial tool to keep on hand. After all, clearing your vehicle of snow and ice means more than just wiping down the windshield. Every window, mirror, safety sensor and exterior light on the vehicle has to be cleared of debris, snow must be removed from the roof, and you have to get snow and ice out from between the tires and vents, as well.

That’s a lot to take care of each time it snows, and the tool you choose can make it easier or much more difficult. We know that no one wants to splurge on a snowbrush, but going for the cheapest option might actually create hazards you aren’t anticipating.

Why it matters

Think about it: if you have a tiny snowbrush/ice scraper, it will take much more time to get your vehicle in driving condition. And on a dark, freezing cold morning, drivers may be tempted to do the bare minimum to get their vehicles onto the road. This results in the vehicles we see with only a head-sized circle cleared on the windshield or a roof still topped with several inches of snow.

Not only does this drastically impair your ability to see on the road, it affects other drivers who can’t clearly see your brake lights or turn signals. And when you have to come to a quick stop, all of the snow piled up on the roof will come crashing down onto the windshield, blocking your view.

A simple fix

All of these issues can be avoided by choosing a slightly better tool. Something with a wide brush and scraper will help you clear snow and ice faster, and a longer handle – or one that extends – will make it much easier to clean off the roof.

New drivers will benefit immensely from having the right tool, but this applies to experienced drivers, too. If you’ve been through lots of harsh winters, you know what an awful chore this can be. Don’t make it harder for yourself or your teen driver. Get a decent snowbrush and help every road user stay safe.

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