Make Safety a Priority this 4th of July

Talk to your teen about ways to stay safe over the holiday and beyond.

July 02, 2018

According to National Safety Council estimates, more than 160 people may be killed on the road during the upcoming Fourth of July holiday period.

With school out, your teen may be itching to get some more practice behind the wheel, but these Independence Day estimates are a good reminder that safety can never take a back seat. In addition to these deaths, NSC also estimates more than 18,000 people will be seriously injured in crashes over the holiday. So before letting your teen take the car out to the beach or to a friend’s house, talk about some of these risks and ways to stay safe on the Fourth of July:

  • No passengers. Don’t drive with passengers and don’t be a passenger to another teen driver. A single teen passenger increases your teen’s crash risk by 44%.
  • Don’t drive impaired. Tell your teen never to drive impaired, whether from substances, prescription drugs or fatigue. You should, of course, have a zero-tolerance policy for your teen when it comes to drugs and alcohol, but even missing out on sleep can put your teen driver at serious risk.
  • Scan the road. With cookouts and fireworks on the Fourth, there will be more pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists than usual sharing the road and crosswalks. Be sure your teen knows to always make full stops and constantly scan the road for potential hazards.
  • Don’t be afraid to call for a ride. It is much better for your teen to call you for a ride home than to risk driving in poor conditions or when he or she doesn’t feel fully able to focus behind the wheel. Make sure your teen knows you are always available to pick them up.

Beyond the Fourth, NSC data analysis shows that July and August are the months when the most preventable deaths occur each year. So use these tips to keep your teen safe during the fireworks and beyond. And remember: Whether you’re celebrating at the beach or by the grill, safety should always come first.

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