Practice Safe Driving with Your Teen this Labor Day Weekend

Teens must be even more cautious than usual.

August 31, 2018

According to preliminary estimates from the National Safety Council, 420 people may be killed on the roads this upcoming Labor Day weekend and another 47,800 may be seriously injured.

Long holiday weekends typically mean more people on the road, and this increase in traffic often results in a rise in crashes, injuries and deaths. If your teen plans to be on the roads this Labor Day weekend, they must be even more cautious than usual. Here are some risks to talk through with your teen and some tips you can use to help keep them safe.

Buckle up

One of the best things your teen can do to stay safe behind the wheel is to buckle up on every ride. The NSC estimates claim that 163 lives may be saved this Labor Day holiday period thanks to safety belts. However, the estimates also claim that an additional 99 lives could be saved if everyone wears safety belts. Make sure that your teen knows buckling up is mandatory no matter what seat they’re in.

Discuss impaired driving risks

The NSC estimates point out that 36% of the anticipated fatalities over this holiday weekend involve an alcohol-impaired driver, which is higher than the annual average. Your teen should already know that there is zero tolerance for impaired driving, but they also need to watch out for impaired drivers on the roads with them. Your teen must always pay attention to other drivers and be prepared to react to sudden hazards. This can be difficult with impaired drivers, but it is an essential skill your teen needs to learn in order to stay safe.

Avoid distractions

To help stay safe, it is crucial that your teen avoids distractions behind the wheel. Cell phones, snacks and even other passengers can take your teen’s focus away from the road and put them at risk for a crash. When travelling with your teen, set the example by coaching them without causing a distraction and be sure to set GPS directions and music choices before starting the drive.

Labor Day weekend is about relaxing and making a few final summer memories before autumn arrives. Help your teen stay safe and enjoy this holiday period by informing them of the risks and giving them the support they need to be a responsible driver.

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