Get Your Teen Ready for Safe Winter Driving

Get Your Teen Ready for Safe Winter Driving

Being prepared for winter road conditions is crucial to staying safe.

If you haven’t yet helped your teen prepare for winter driving, don’t wait any longer.

Being prepared for winter road conditions is crucial to staying safe. Talk to your teen about the importance of gathering supplies, inspecting the vehicle and knowing what to expect long before the first big snowfall arrives.

First, talk to your teen about the challenges of driving in winter. Your town may only get a few small flurries each season, or your teen could expect to be driving in snow and ice all winter long. Either way, practice with your teen in mild conditions and point out important lessons, such as increasing his or her following distance to avoid collisions.

Next, help your teen put together a winter emergency kit. Though it is best to always have some sort of emergency kit in the car, the winter season calls for particular supplies. Don’t forget:

  • Extra snacks and water
  • Snow shovel
  • Extra cellphone charger
  • Warm gloves and a winter hat
  • Hand warmers
  • An extra winter coat/blanket
  • Flashlight
  • Cat litter or sand for tire traction
  • Snow brush/ice scraper

Finally, help your teen get his or her vehicle inspected. The changing temperature can affect the car’s tire pressure and a tire safety specialist should also inspect the vehicle’s tire tread depth. Get the car’s battery tested, as cold temperatures can deplete a weak battery, causing your car to break down.

Another good idea is to make sure your car’s heat is working so the car can defrost any snow that may be on the car, as well as putting on new wiper blades to be sure they will clear off snow properly. A full tune-up may even be in order to make sure the vehicle is running at its best all winter long.


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