Train Your Community to Survive an Active Shooter Event

Train Your Community to Survive an Active Shooter Event

  • Join the National Safety Council in our mission to eliminate preventable deaths. While the odds of dying in an active shooter incident are rare compared to dying from a car crash, an opioid overdose or a fall, knowing how to respond can increase your odds of surviving. The Council has learned through our former Safe Communities program that many communities are energized to keep their residents safe, so we have created NSC Community Training: Surviving an Active Shooter Event.Community leaders can volunteer to train their residents with free tools from NSC. This turnkey program includes:
    • An Instructor Planning Guide with everything you need to know to conduct the training successfully
    • An Instructor Training Manual with play-by-play course instructions and materials
    • A PowerPoint presentation with three videos
    • Press materials, editable posters and fliers to promote your training
    Who: Law enforcement, teachers, safety leaders, EMTs, service organizations, anyone who champions emergency preparedness and wants to keep their residents safe Where: Any public venue with electricity for presentation equipment that can safely hold 25 to 75 people When: Any time convenient to draw people from the community How: NSC will provide free registration support; all you need to do is train Please note: This community training is not appropriate for the workplace as there are additional skills training to better prepare workers on the job. Workplace violence training, including active shooter, is available as part of NSC Emergency Preparedness Training. Find out more at

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NSC will handle the registration process and provide free materials to conduct the course.

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