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NSC Statement on Changes to Healthcare Data Collection

Collection process must be transparent and data must be made public as quickly as possible.

July 17, 2020

Itasca, IL – The National Safety Council is monitoring the healthcare data collection changes announced by HHS earlier this week. At no time has the integrity and transparency of the nation’s healthcare data been more critical than during this national pandemic. Healthcare leaders, scientists, businesses and the public have greatly relied on the extensive data collected by the CDC to inform injury prevention decisions and the development of life-saving programs. CDC has been an important partner to so many organizations during times of national health challenges. The data collected and stored by CDC has been immensely valuable, and NSC would hope that any modifications merely augment that value.

Changes to a data collection and repository process must, at minimum, preserve transparency and ensure that all data – previously and currently collected – is available to the public consistently and as quickly as possible. We would further appreciate assurances that any additional data collected as a result of process changes are also publicly available as expeditiously as possible to support critical decision-making. Like other organizations, we are navigating the intent of and repercussions from this week’s announcement, and we are hopeful that all actions enhance the integrity and transparency of our nation’s health care data.

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