NSC Honors Kent McElhattan with Flame of Life Award

This esteemed award honors those who have dedicated their lives to safety advocacy.

March 12, 2021

Itasca, IL – The National Safety Council was proud to honor Kent McElhattan with the Flame of Life award last week at the 202ONE Virtual Safety Congress & Expo. This prestigious honor has only been given four times in the 107-year history of NSC, as it is reserved for the most esteemed advocates who have dedicated their lives and careers to safety. 

During his tenure at Industrial Scientific, McElhattan worked to build products that protect workers from hazardous conditions around the world. His passion for workplace safety was a light within him, as he personally felt responsible for every worker he employed and made it his priority to ensure every one of them returned home safely to their families each day. As the CEO and co-founder of Discovery Robotics, McElhattan continues to strive for worker safety and quality of life through the creation of robotic solutions.  

“Kent is a worthy addition to the exclusive list of individuals who shine brightly in the world of safety. We are thrilled to honor him with the Flame of Life Award for being among the ‘best of the best,’ ” said Lorraine M. Martin, NSC president and CEO. “His passion and unwavering dedication to safety over the last four decades serves as inspiration for us all. Congratulations from all of us at the National Safety Council.”

McElhattan is a long-standing partner to NSC. He was a member of the board of directors for a decade, serving as chairman from 2010 until 2013. Under his leadership, Industrial Scientific was a founding member of the Campbell Institute, which is focused on solving global environmental, health and safety (EHS) challenges through research and innovation. Through the McElhattan Foundation, he and his family also invested in the belief that safety advancements can be achieved through technology. Most recently, the foundation partnered with NSC to launch the Work to Zero initiative, designed to eliminate workplace fatalities through the use of technology.

“I am deeply humbled to accept the Flame of Life award from the National Safety Council,” McElhattan said. “Over the last 100 years, NSC has been the largest, most successful, most effective organization with the courage to speak up for workers and drive the changes needed to protect them. … NSC will continue to lead and convene that cause, and [the McElhattan Foundation] is honored to partner with [NSC] to keep the flame of life alive.”

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