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Zero Fatalities by 2050

Eliminate Workplace Fatalities With Emerging Technologies

Work to Zero: Making Workplace Deaths a Thing of the Past

Since 1913, the National Safety Council has used data, expertise and innovation to solve tough workplace safety problems. With thousands of workers still dying each year, NSC is working to change that through its Work to Zero initiative, designed to eliminate workplace fatalities through the use of technology. 

Safety Technology Saves Lives

NSC tapped its unparalleled network of safety leaders and learned hundreds of technologies exist today that many organizations are already using to save lives. In a recent national survey, we found employer implementation of new safety technologies is trending upwards. In fact, 67% of employers said their leadership would be open to adopting new technologies to improve safety.

The survey also identified a number of important considerations to adopting safety technology – from ease of implementation to lifetime cost. In addition, one of the biggest barriers organizations have in adopting technologies is limited knowledge of what technology exists.

We’ve done the leg work for you. Our research has identified the top non-roadway hazardous situations where workers are most likely to die and provided technology solutions for each situation. Keep reading to learn how technology can mitigate risk in your workplace. 

Get started by using our Work to Zero Tool to locate relevant technology solutions for your organization’s top hazardous situations.

The Work to Zero Approach


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Research the most effective technologies and ways to integrate them into the workplace.


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Provide educational resources to increase the adoption of technology.


Woman in a yellow safety vest and a white helmet smiling

Foster key partnerships with stakeholders in the field to strengthen everyone’s work.

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