NSC Statement on Electric Shared Scooters in Chicago

Safety should remain a priority for the pilot program.

June 14, 2019

Itasca, IL – As Chicago prepares to unveil its pilot electric shared scooter program, the National Safety Council encourages those who are considering using an electric shared scooter to bring safety along for the ride. Just like bicyclists and pedestrians, scooter drivers will be vulnerable and, as such, should take measures to protect themselves by learning how to operate safely and cooperatively with other roadway users.

Scooter companies are required to provide education to drivers during this pilot program. In addition, the National Safety Council provides the following safety tips:

  • Scooter drivers should always wear a helmet and closed-toe shoes; they should also consider using wrist guards, knee pads and elbow pads
  • Only one person should ride at a time
  • Scooter drivers should only ride where allowed (which is on the street and in bicycle lanes), follow all posted traffic rules and avoid tailgating or other stunts
  • Scooter drivers should keep both hands on the handlebars when riding and avoid distractions
  • Scooter drivers need to pay particular attention when riding at night because it will be hard for them to see the road, as well as potholes or other infrastructure issues that might affect their ride. Similarly, other motorists and roadway users may have difficulty seeing scooter drivers at night, so wearing high-visibility clothing is recommended.

Safety must be the priority – not only for roadway users but also for infrastructure planners, who are responsible for providing safe roads. By putting safety first, electric scooter drivers in Chicago will help keep themselves – and others on the road – safe.

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