Everyone has a Safety Story

We can all think of a time when we or a loved one suffered an injury, had a near miss or worse. These moments change us forever. For many leaders, these experiences also change how they approach their roles. Whether in business, public service, unions or the armed forces, these leaders make safety their top value. 

In this video series, NSC President and CEO Lorraine Martin speaks with these leaders about what sparked their passion for safety, and how every day they live out the mission of saving lives in their workplaces.

Anthony Nuckles

YouTube Video

President, UPS South Atlantic District

Shawn Skelly

YouTube Video

U.S. Department of Defense

James Slevin

YouTube Video

Utility Workers Union of America President

Amber Person

YouTube Video

U.S. Air Force Chief Master Sergeant

Jennifer L. Homendy

YouTube Video

National Transportation Safety Board Chair

Douglas Parker

YouTube Video

Assistant Secretary of Labor, Occupational Safety & Health

Michelle Garner-Janna

YouTube Video

Campbell Institute Steering Committee chair and executive director of HSE for Cummins Inc.

Nicole Piggott

YouTube Video

NSC Board member and COO of Women in Governance

Kent McElhattan

YouTube Video

Discovery Robotics CEO and co-founder, and McElhattan Foundation Board chairman

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