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Advance on Your Safety Innovation Journey

Summer 2022

Preventable work deaths totaled 4,113 in 2020. This is the first decrease since 2013. Even with this one year decrease, the number of preventable work deaths has increased 5% since 2011. These numbers are unacceptable, and change will be necessary to make a real impact. That’s where the Work to Zero initiative at NSC comes in. We aim to reverse this trend through the promise of technology, and we hope our members will help lead the way.

Safety innovation isn’t a thing of the future, there are many real-world applications organizations can start implementing right now to help save lives. Safety is a journey. Challenges won’t be solved overnight, but if you take steps, little by little, a huge impact can be made.

Work to Zero wants to help each of our members like you advance on your Safety Innovation Journey starting today. In this issue of Membership Advantage, you will learn more about our growing suite of free tools and resources to assist you on each stage of the journey. Below is a sample of materials you can explore right now.

Better Understand Your Fatality Risks: Use our Safety Technology Locator Tool to identify the top hazardous situations and relevant technology solutions for your organization.

Explore Possible Technology Solutions: Browse our featured technology reports on topics like drones, proximity sensors, fatigue monitoring wearables and immersive technologies.

Determine Organizational Readiness: Take our Organizational Readiness Assessment for Safety Technology in the Workplace to determine your organization’s digital readiness level, and read our white paper to gain additional insight. Download these resources.

Make the Business Case for Innovation: Check out our Making the Business Case for Safety Innovation report, along with the NSC Work to Zero investment calculator, which allows companies to explore the value of eight key safety technologies in saving lives and saving money.

Pilot and Implement Safety Technology: Read Safety Technology Pilot and Implementation Roadmap: Making Innovation Accessible, which discusses challenges to innovation and provides a four-stage roadmap with continuous improvement actions to assist employers on their innovation journey. Also, consider signing up to participate in upcoming safety innovation challenges.

Whether your organization hasn’t even thought of using safety technologies or you are already piloting technologies in your workplace, let us help you on your journey. Working together, we can eliminate fatality risk in the workplace and ensure workers can live their fullest lives.

Emily Whitcomb
Director, Work to Zero
National Safety Council

Research Insights

Work to Zero Report Builds the Business Case for Safety

The Work to Zero initiative recently released a new white paper: Making the Business Case for Safety Innovation. The report builds on the initiative’s initial 2020 research and outlines how employers can calculate and leverage the lifesaving and cost-saving benefits of safety technology in the workplace.  

The white paper examines the benefits of eight key technologies – ranging from solutions for fatigue monitoring to autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for material handling and sensor technology for proximity detection and collision avoidance. This report illustrates the return on investment when using safety technology to reduce workplace injuries and fatalities across a spectrum of industries and businesses. 

It provides assistance surrounding five key steps involved in building a business case:

  • Define business goals and operational capabilities
  • Assess digital readiness and consider Management of Change (MoC) factors
  • Identify possible safety technology solutions
  • Determine the ROI for safety compared to business-as-usual
  • Build a business case for safety innovation

Along with the paper, the NSC Work to Zero investment calculator was released (see the What’s New section below), which allows companies to explore the value of each of these key technologies in saving lives and saving money. Compared to maintaining a business-as-usual state, Work to Zero found businesses that invest in safety innovation not only stand to quickly recoup their initial investments but also experience greater efficiencies in production and quality due to the prevention of serious injuries and fatalities.

Safer Workplaces

Report Offers Roadmap for Employers Implementing Safety Technology

In March, the Work to Zero initiative released a new white paper titled Safety Technology Pilot and Implementation Roadmap: Making Innovation Accessible. Developed in partnership with DEKRA, the report highlights challenges to innovation and provides a roadmap to assist employers on their safety journey.

This new report offers a four-stage roadmap with a series of continuous improvement actions for employers to follow for digital transformation, including:

  • Plan: Determine the business goals for digital transformation.
  • Prepare: Engage a group of digital champions and consider all elements of change management. 
  • Evaluate: Review proofs of concept and the return on investment for safety technology.
  • Innovate: Revisit and engage all affected groups for technology and support readiness and launch implementation.

Pilot program will help businesses incorporate safety tech

In collaboration with Safetytech Accelerator, Work to Zero is assisting employers in a pilot program that focuses on adopting safety technology to save lives. Safetytech Accelerator is a nonprofit established by Lloyd’s Register that aims to help companies implement technologies, increase safety and reduce risk. They have experience in organizing innovation challenges and managing technology pilots, including launching trials that incorporate data analytics, artificial intelligence, computer analytics, augmented reality/virtual reality, sensors and wearables, drones and robotics technologies to life-saving safety applications. 

Complete this application to express interest in participating in this Innovation Trial Program and let’s work together to examine technologies with the potential to prevent incidents associated with the leading causes of workplace fatalities. Applications will be accepted, and stipends will be awarded on a rolling basis with multiple safety technology trials supported per year. Participating companies should expect to commit a minimum of six months and agree to share the results of the technology trial in a published case study.

What's New

Save lives and money with safety technology

Safety technologies are a crucial tool in the path to eliminating fatality risk in the workplace. Yet your company may be put off by the price tag. However, investing in technology can help your organization save money in the long run by eliminating workers’ compensation claims, fines, medical expenses and more.

The latest tool from the Work to Zero team shows employers how eight priority technologies are also cost effective ways to keep workers safe and help your bottom line. In collaboration with independent research firm Verdantix, our team created the NSC Work to Zero Employer Investment Calculator. This return on investment (ROI) calculator is an easy-to-use tool allowing a company to compare the costs of “business-as-usual” and an investment in optimized operations using safety technology.

The tool lets you calculate the savings afforded by various technologies, including virtual reality safety training, fatigue monitoring wearables, permit to work software and more. The calculator takes into account factors like your industry, company size and the number of devices needed to personally tailor your ROI. For example, a manufacturing company that purchases fatigue monitoring wearables for all 200 of its employees could expect to see over $400,000 in savings over five years. 

Put in your organization’s details today to see the savings you could start taking advantage of tomorrow and create a safer workplace.

National Safety Month is almost here!

June is right around the corner, and that means it’s almost National Safety Month! All month long we’ll provide you with new tools to help you keep safety top of mind in your workplace. Every week in June we’ll focus on a new topic, and share free tools related to that subject. 

This year’s topics are: 

Week 1: Musculoskeletal Disorders

Week 2: Workplace Impairment

Week 3: Injury Prevention

Week 4: Slips, Trips and Falls

For a limited time, NSC is offering its members the Impairment Recognition and Response Training for Supervisors for FREE. To claim this free offer, the training must be completed by June 18, 2022. Just email and request your complimentary license. Please provide your full name, title, mailing address and organization.

Visit for the latest tools and resources. Also, watch for the weekly newsletters throughout the month of June delivered straight to your inbox. 

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