Is the MA Driver Retraining Program (DRP) mandatory?

Yes, if a motorist is found to be responsible for three or more surchargeable events in a two-year period (calculated from the conviction date), the motorist is required by law (Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 175, Section 113B) to successfully complete the Massachusetts Driver Retraining Program (DRP).

What is a surchargeable event?

A surchargeable event is an "at fault" accident or motor vehicle violation which is susceptible to an insurance surcharge under the 2006 Safe Driver Insurance Plan (SDIP).

How do I know if I am required to complete a DRP class?

If you have received a Notice of Suspension in the mail from Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (MA RMV) you are required by law to successfully complete the MA Driver Retraining Program. National Safety Council (NSC) will subsequently mail you reminders of your requirement(s).

What if I don't successfully complete the DRP by the date shown on my Notice of Suspension?

If you do not complete the DRP before your suspension date, your driver’s license / right to operate a motor vehicle will be suspended by MA RMV until you successfully complete the course and pay an additional reinstatement fee to MA RMV.

When should I register for a class?

Classes fill quickly. NSC recommends that you complete your registration within 30 days of the date of issue on your Notice of Suspension. You must successfully complete the DRP at least four business days prior to the suspension date noted for your requirement. Visit our secure website MA DRP Registration to register today.

How can I complete the MA Driver Retraining Program?

At this time MA RMV has issued an in-person return to classroom order for drivers being required to complete the Driver Retraining Program. 

National Safety Council has established classroom locations throughout Massachusetts. Class can be completed in either one full-day weekday or weekend session, or in two 4-hour weeknight sessions. To access up-to-the-minute class schedules and seat availability, and register for the class of your choice, click here: MA DRP Registration.

How will the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles know that I have completed the Driver Retraining Program?

National Safety Council electronically notifies MA RMV of your successful Driver Retraining Program completion the following business day. Your driver record is updated four business days after course completion.

Class Information

Will I receive confirmation of my class registration?

Immediately after you register, a class confirmation will be sent to you via email at the address you provided during registration. Please review the confirmation carefully, it contains important details needed for the day of class. To print or resend your confirmation, or to reschedule your class, visit MA DRP Registration.

What do I have to bring with me to class?

Please arrive 15 minutes early to sign in for your class. You must arrive on time. If you arrive after the class has begun, you will not be admitted. You must bring your Class Code Number shown on your confirmation email and a form of photo identification to class. Examples of acceptable photo identification include your driver’s license, a work or school-issued photo identification, or a government-issued photo identification card. If you are unable to provide photo identification, you will not be admitted to class.

Is there a test at the end of the course?

Yes, successfully completing the Driver Retraining Program class requires passing a test.

What is the refund/cancellation policy? 

Once registered all fees are non-refundable. To reschedule your class, visit MA DRP Registration. You can reschedule your class to a different date or location without a fee up through the day prior to your chosen class date. Rescheduling on or after the start date of your class for any reason requires a mandatory, non-refundable rescheduling fee.

Reasons for rescheduling may include, but are not limited to:

  • Driver is unprepared with proper identification
  • Driver arrives late to class
  • Driver is late returning from breaks

If you miss the second session of a 2-session class, you are required to pay for and complete the entire eight hours of your rescheduled class – NO EXCEPTIONS.

What if I have special needs, such as a physical disability or language barrier?

All of our classes are in English, unless otherwise noted. Drivers requiring special assistance (including translation) should bring a friend or family member to support you during the class. The person must be over the age of 18 and provide proper identification. Due to classroom capacity, please contact National Safety Council at [email protected] at least two weeks prior to your scheduled class date to reserve a seat if you plan to have someone attend with you. If you do not reserve a seat for your guest prior to class, you may be asked to leave (depending on classroom capacity) and will need to reschedule.

National Safety Council can make arrangements for the hearing impaired. If you require such services, please contact us at [email protected] prior to registering for class.

What if my class is cancelled due to weather or other emergency?

In the event of a weather-related or other emergency cancellation, National Safety Council will contact you at the telephone number and email address you provided during the registration process. The facility hosting the class will be notified and a sign may be posted. We will work with the instructor and facility to reschedule the class to a new date and time. If you are unsure if your class has been canceled due to weather, or if you feel it is unsafe for you to travel to your scheduled class due to weather, please contact the National Safety Council. Please note, neither NSC nor MA RMV is responsible for any Driver Retraining Program course that does not get completed by the required deadline due to a weather-related or other emergency cancellation.

Can I bring children to class with me?

No, no one will be admitted with children.

What is the NSC Code of Conduct?

National Safety Council is committed to providing a positive and respectful learning environment. Our Code of Conduct outlines expectations of behavior during our classes. The Code of Conduct can be found here, in English and in Spanish.

I no longer live in Massachusetts; can I complete the Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving course while living in a different state?

If you reside in Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, or Rhode Island, you must return to Massachusetts to complete the course. If you reside in any other state, please contact us for information regarding how to complete the required course in your state of residence.

General Information

What is the National Safety Council?

National Safety Council is America’s leading nonprofit safety advocate – and has been for over 100 years. As a mission-based organization, we focus on eliminating the leading causes of preventable death so people can live their fullest lives. We focus our efforts where we can make the greatest impact: workplace, roadway and impairment.

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