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Everything You Need for Distracted Driving Awareness Month

When you’re behind the wheel, your only job is to drive.

Thank you for teaming with NSC to observe Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Use these resources to create or enhance a distracted driving program to engage your workforce, share safe driving messages and help your workers get home safe after every shift.


Posters: Spread the word and show your commitment to safety by printing and displaying posters in common areas or sharing them digitally to raise awareness of distracted driving risks.

<p>Keep Your Eyes on the Prize</p>

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

<p>Handle Distractions Before You Drive</p>

Handle Distractions Before You Drive

<p>Distractions Inside the Car</p>

Distractions Inside the Car

<p>Prevent Distractions as a Passenger</p>

Prevent Distractions as a Passenger

<p>Distractions Don’t Need Your Attention<br></p>

Distractions Don’t Need Your Attention

<p>Driving is Risky. Don’t Make it Worse. </p>

Driving is Risky. Don’t Make it Worse.

NEW Poster: Cell phones get most of the focus when we talk about distracted driving but they aren’t the only risk. Share this brand new poster with your workforce to get the conversation started on some of the common and lesser-known causes of distraction.  

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Articles: The Council’s flagship publication, Safety+Health magazine, provides a wealth of knowledge. Check out articles from the past year focused on distracted driving risks:

  1. Work zone survey: majority of contractors impacted by crashes in past year
  2. Pedestrian deaths continue to climb
  3. Survey shows a third of executives expect workers to answer calls while driving
  4. A safe walk; tips for pedestrians and drivers

NSC Safe Driving Kit: Safer workers on our roads mean safer conditions for us all. Learn the facts about the #1 cause of workplace deaths and how to reduce the risks for yourself, your workers and everyone else using our roads with the NSC Safe Driving Kit. Get your free kit now. 

Distracted Driving Report: Get a better understanding of distracted driving with this NSC report, “Understanding Driver Distraction.” In it, NSC presents research behind recommendations to ban the use of cell phones and in-vehicle technologies while driving. Download the report.

Distracted Driving Online Abridged Course:  This NSC online course is designed to motivate drivers to change their risky behaviors and attitudes about distracted driving. During April, individuals can get 20% off this abridged online course with the code DDAM23.

NSC Policy Statement: Distracted driving is an issue for every person on our roads, whether they are a driver, passenger or pedestrian. Get a full understanding of this issue and the role employers can play in stopping it in this NSC policy statement. See the Policy Statement.

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NSC members get exclusive access to additional videos, safety talks and more during Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Not a member? Join today



Digital Social Media Kit: Help spread the word about the dangers of distracted driving with ready-to-use social media posts and images from our digital social media kit. This kit makes it easy to share distracted driving posts and images on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Be sure to use the hashtag #JustDrive in all your posts.

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#JustDrive sign: Show your safe driving pride with our #JustDrive sign. Share the image on social media or print it out and hold it up for a picture with yourself, your co-workers or your loved ones. Share your pictures or videos in your communications and on social media.

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Proclamation: Spread the word and work with your local, county or state government to declare April Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Our guide makes the process clear and easy. Get the Proclamation template and the Proclamation how-to guide.



Pledge to Just Drive: At least eight people a day are killed in distracted driving crashes. You can help reduce these risks. Pledge to avoid distracted driving and help everyone around you get home safe.

Support NSC: At NSC, we work to make our roadways safer so every individual returns home safely to their loved ones at the end of each day. Your contributions will support NSC efforts to develop interventions, programs and policies to increase attentive driving, improve teen driving skills and instill safer habits for everyone on our roads.

NSC Pledge
- I will make our roads safer for everyone by avoiding all forms of distracted driving.

- I will speak up when others are distracted to protect myself and all other road users.

Safe Driving Policy: The below policy template can help you keep your employees and everyone around you safe. Use this policy template as-is or to update your existing policy to help your workers always get home safe. Download the policy template and access the free NSC Safe Driving Kit for a policy guide.


Additional NSC Roadway Programs and Resources

  1. Driver Safety Training: NSC pioneered defensive driving courses more than 50 years ago and continues to offer best-in-class training, educating more than 80 million drivers in all 50 states and worldwide. Learn more at nsc.org/ddc
  2. Check To Protect: NSC supports this coalition to help consumers and businesses resolve vehicle safety recalls nationwide. Learn more at nsc.org/vehiclerecall.
  3. Join the Road to Zero Coalition. NSC leads this coalition of more than 1,500 organizations to advance proven roadway safety strategies and eliminate traffic fatalities by 2050. Join the Road to Zero for free and follow them on Twitter and Facebook for daily updates.
  4. Our Driving Concern: Look no further for your turnkey program to bring roadway safety education to your workers. Our Driving Concern focuses on the risky behaviors that cause the most crashes, including distractions, impairment, aggressive driving and more. Learn more at txdrivingconcern.org. 
  5. DriveitHOME: Car crashes are the leading cause of preventable death for teens but parental influence can help keep them safe. In partnership with General Motors, with additional support from American Honda Motor Co., DriveitHOME provides free resources for parents and guardians of teen drivers to get and stay involved as their teens learn to drive. Learn more at driveithome.org.
  6. Hot cars and distraction:  Distraction can have deadly consequences even when it doesn’t lead to a crash. Encourage your workers to take the free NSC Children in Hot Cars training  and get additional resources at nsc.org/HotCars.
  7. Child passenger safety training: An NSC survey found that parents are less likely to drive distracted with their children in the car. Help your workers keep their young kids safe with this free Car Seat Basics eLearning.
  8. MyCarDoesWhat: Through this interactive website, NSC educates drivers on vehicle safety technologies already in their cars, including what they can and cannot do. Help your workers learn more and stay safe at nsc.org/mycardoeswhat.

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