Post-crash Care in a Safe System Approach

A Safe System approach encourages effective and efficient post-crash care to quickly address injuries and minimize harm. A Safe System of mobility needs to enhance the survivability of crashes through expedient access to emergency medical care, while creating a safe working environment for vital first responders and preventing secondary crashes through robust traffic incident management practices. Additionally, we need to create systems that support those who have experienced crashes and their loved ones. 

The resources and programs below will help you do that on the job, at home, and wherever you need or want to go.

The National Safety Council supports post-crash care through a variety of programming, communications and resources. Learn more and explore our efforts in this space:

Survivor Advocate Network, a community of individuals and families whose lives have been affected by motor vehicle crashes

Zero Traffic Deaths Campaign, a call to action to leaders to reach zero traffic deaths by 2050

Road to Zero Doubling Down on What Works roadway trauma care section, a clearinghouse of existing, lifesaving resources focused on trauma care

The Safe System Approach Chart

Read more about the Safe System approach.

Learn more about the National Safety Council's position on the Safe System approach.

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