Make an Agreement to Drive with the New Driver Deal

Before your teen can drive, you need to have a discussion with him or her about the rules and expectations for a safe driver on the road.

A written document, commonly called a Parent-Teen Agreement, is the best way to ensure these rules are understood and followed. Our version is called the New Driver Deal, and it will help you sort out all of the questions that arise when your teen gets behind the wheel.

Questions like:

  • When can the car be used?
  • Who will pay for gas and insurance?
  • What are the rules around major driving risks, such as passengers and distractions?

The New Driver Deal is a flexible document, with no rule or privilege set in stone. As your teen gains experience, you'll want to give him or her more responsibility. Or, if your teen isn't following the rules, you might need to tighten some restrictions.

Car crashes are the leading cause of preventable death for teens, so you must prioritize your new driver’s safety; this agreement will help you do it. Get your New Driver Deal, and get started keeping your new teen driver safe!


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