Kelsey Raffaele was Killed in a Car Crash in 2010. She was Just 17 Years Old.Bonnie Raffaele is an advocate for teen safe driving, speaking at high schools across Michigan to help ensure what happened to her daughter doesn't happen to other teens.

Her daughter Kelsey was killed in a car crash on Jan. 24, 2010. She was just 17 years old.

Kelsey was a twin. She and her sister Courtney were "BFFs." They did almost everything together. When they were little, they used to talk in a "twin" language that no one could understand but them. Kelsey looked after Courtney. They were inseparable – until the fatal crash took Kelsey from her family.

Several weeks after the crash, it was discovered Kelsey had been talking on her phone as she attempted to pass a car on an icy road.

Bonnie decided not to let Kelsey's death be in vain. She reaches thousands of students, handing out thumb bands to those who pledge not to talk or text while driving. She also helped enact "Kelsey's Law" in Michigan, which prohibits teens from using a cell phone while driving.

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