Countersteer Webinar Series to Help Us Reach Zero Traffic Deaths

Series kicks off Sept. 13 with Jessie Singer, author of 'There are No Accidents.'

July 26, 2022

By now, we all know the numbers and the refrain. Over 40,000 lives lost each year, with historic climbs that make roadway safety a national crisis in every community across the U.S. We’re aware of the increased dangers for those walking and biking, and the disproportionate burden carried by people of color and low income communities. And we all know the question that plagues us as a traffic safety community – why? Why are the numbers increasing despite having solutions at hand? Why is the U.S. such an outlier among other developed nations when it comes to traffic violence?

In September, the National Safety Council will kick off a new webinar series, Countersteer, to help address the “why.” Our first session on Sept. 13 will tackle a question we think needs just as much, if not more attention: the “what.” What are the assumptions within our industry that need to be challenged? What are the systems, processes and environments that create barriers to success in our efforts? What is the role we all can and should play within the system to reach our goal of zero traffic deaths?

Join us in September as we host Jessie Singer, author of the recent book There Are No Accidents, to dive into the book, discuss the legacies of traffic safety decision-making, and tackle how we can make changes that will lead to a better future. We need to challenge ourselves to think differently about mobility systems because, right now, they are failing all of us. In order to make the most of this session, we encourage you to:

● Check out There Are No Accidents; think of questions, observations or challenges you want to bring to our discussion.
● Help shape the conversation; submit ideas or questions you’d like to see addressed in the session.
Register for the session in September; come ready with an open mind to be part of a respectful and productive dialogue.

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